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Calling for snacks

I like trying new snack foods. Most of the time the new thing isn’t so thrilling, but sometimes I find something I really like. I hadn’t seen three snacks I really liked in awhile so I decided to call the makers and ask what was up…

Lay’s Sensations Sweet Chili & Sour Cream – I think it only was on the market for two months but it instantly jumped to the top of my potato chip list. Kettle cooked with great flavor!

Frito-Lay says that the whole Sensations line of chips wasn’t selling well on a national level but they passed my comments on so I get to home for a resurgence some day.

Hershey’s Kisses Dulce de Leche – White chocolate kisses with dulce de leche in them. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Hershey says that they were a limited edition item but that they are coming back but they don’t know when yet.

Black Cherry Vanilla Coke – I never liked the Cherry Coke and the Vanilla Coke was only good ice cold (not real vanilla). Black Cherry Vanilla Coke has real vanilla and tastes good from ice cold to room temperature.

Coke says that they still make it but that it’s up to the local bottler to produce for our region. They also suggested that I check other stores and gave me the number of the bottler to call, but I haven’t called them yet.

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