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Effects of the cold

Sunday and Monday when I woke up (6:15AM) the temperature outside was 23 degrees F. Saturday was 27, this morning it was warmer at 25. Many of the plants in the area are freezing, including a good portion that were doing well from the landscaping. I’m hoping they will bounce back, Nicole thinks they’er dead and we’re going to be doing some re-planting.

I’m guessing next month’s PG&E bill will be HUGE!

There are a lot of fire engines zooming around throughout the day, more than in summer months. A lot of people are having chimney fires and wall.floor heater fires.

This morning I had to go back to work and I knew the scooter ride would be slow because the batteries hate that. Instead of 25mph I was cruising at 15-20mph, mostly 15. On the way to work I saw a traffic signal out. I was near downtown so I figured downtown power was out. A number of us couldn’t get into the building until someone came out. Nicole called right after I got in the building and power was out at home too. Turns our that power was out almost everywhere except Watsonville. They say they still don’t know why it happened, but at least it was only out for an hour.

A co-worker got stuck in the elevator and I learned that you can’t pull the doors open like in the movies. I’m sure use of a big lever would have helped but not without breaking something. Turns out there are no emergency lights in the elevator so it took him awhile to find the phone and he definitely couldn’t read the emergency numbers inside.

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