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Hope it’s a slow week

Last week was only 4 days of work but it felt like two work weeks. Saturday was full of errands and after the seemingly long week and the day of errands we flaked on plans and just vegged out at home.

After having played the Nintendo Wii briefly after Thanksgiving, Nicole and I decided it would be our holiday gift to one another. Unfortunately around that time they became impossible to find unless you had nothing else to do during your days except camp at stores hoping for a shipment. On Thursday I heard that a lot of stores were going to have a lot of Wii on Sunday, and GameStop was having $50 off if you traded in your old Gamecube which is a good deal since the Wii plays all those old games. Saturday night I confirmed that GameStop would have some in stock and rather than wait another month for probably the next chance to get one I got up at 4AM and got there at 5AM. No one else arrived until 6:15. By 7:30 there were 5, and by the time the store opened there were probably 40 groups in line for what turned out to be 20 units. A kid waiting for the store open and trying to peer in was singing “Wii” over and over to the tune of the Imperial March, and another kid trying to peer in ended up in a kneeling position that made it look like he was praying for a Wii.

More errands on Sunday kept us from playing it until Sunday night. The dogs seem to be freaked out by the Wii Bowling as we do things they haven’t seen before going through the bowling motions. We actually had to put them in another room. I think they’ll adjust soon enough.

I’m ready for a slow week to relax.

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