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Moroccan Chicken

Last night’s dinner experiment was Moroccan Chicken. It was very easy to prepare (you don’t have to let chickpeas soak overnight when you buy them in cans) and ends up being very tasty. The recipe should scale down easily too. The only mishap this time is I forgot the lemon juice at the end.

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    Liana Says:

    I notice some of your recipes come from Recipe Hound and I wonder if you have a particular affinity for this site? I notice some problems with their recipe layout and lack of details (obviously you only have to soak chickpeas if they are dried so it should specify that, and what are brown onions? what kind of chicken parts and should they be skinless or boneless?). I get all my recipes from, which I really like because the recipes are standardized (ingredients listed in the order you use them) and always contain the specifics you need. Additionally there are user comments you can read to find out tricks/substitutions, etc. and it’s all free. I used to subscribe to Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines, but once I found out all the recipes are on Epicurious, I cancelled them. Once in a while I will go to or if Epicurious doesn’t have what I am looking for. Keep up the good cooking!

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    Douglas Says:

    Actually a lot lately have come from Recipe Hound and I have at least a temporary affinity. It comes from me trying to find authentic recipes from other countries, specifically Vietnam and India. Recipe Hound was the only place I’ve found some dishes I’ve liked on restaurant menus. Recipe Hound is all recipes submitted by average people in their various countries and haven’t yet been jazzed up by hobbyist chefs (not what I’m after in this case). The tradeoff is the recipes are not always complete, or they include ingredients that are hard to find or under a different name here (perhaps dried chickpeas are far more common than canned in Morocco?). So right now it’s a hunt through the nationalities for interesting recipes that are makable that I can’t find elsewhere.

    I used to use allrecipes but they seem to have gone down hill but not in a way I can really describe, I guess it feels like it’s stagnating. seems like the place to post 20 duplicate recipes under other names (what I found when I was doing Death by Chocolate research). I’ve only used epicurious a few times and I keep forgetting it’s there, thank you for the reminder!

    Any favorite recipes you want to highlight?

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