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Tuesday Media Roundup #16

Mo was nice enough to take me to see Alpha Dog just so we could watch Justin Timberlake in his first movie. The movie itself was entertaining and Justin Timberlake is decent on the screen but he comes across too nice to be a gangster. You leave the movie wishing you could hang out with him. I think the right role is out there for him.

I just finished reading To Infinity and Beyond – A Cultural History of the Infinite by my favorite math historian, Eli Maor. You don’t need a strong math background to enjoy the book, but it probably helps. It covers the various struggles people have had over time with the infinite and how they approached it, starting with the greeks and moving up to current day (though astronomy of the last 20 years makes it look a little dated). I think it provides a good overview of infinity (hehe) and I’m sure there is something new for just about anyone who reads it.

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