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Work is for resting

This past three day weekend was a lot of work. Friday night, Nicole and I drove to Sacramento so we could paint the inside of her mother’s house to ready it for sale. We managed to paint the ceilings in 4 rooms, fully prep three of those rooms, and paint half the dining room and a quarter of the living room, and do the edges in one of the bedrooms. Also we patched the wall where old water damage was so that will be ready for paint in two weeks when we go again.

Then on Monday we cleaned our house and pulled weeds. I don’t know where they came from but there were hundreds of grass seedlings growing on the surface of the crushed granite paths. Definitely not growing from underneath. I focused on pulling those before they got established.

Thanks to Liana for suggesting latex dipped knit gloves. They are small enough to work in and breathe and protect my hands. Unfortunately I can’t find them big enough but I’m doing ok with what I found.

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