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They Might Be Giants

Oppenheimer opened and had a lot of fun songs, and really how can you go wrong when you have a song with an air-horn solo.

They Might Be Giants were tight, moving from one song to another with few breaks in between. There were a few mistakes which probably wouldn’t have been noticed had they not apologized for them. It’s still the beginning of their tour so I guess they’re still working out the kinks. One thing is for sure and that is they were getting better as the concert went one, finishing up with two encores.

This was my first time in the Rio Theater sice it stopped being a movie theater. One the whole it was the same, but cleaned up and about the first 20 rows removed to make room for a stage and floor space. It makes for a good concert space. I’m not crazy about whomever was doing the sound though. The vocals and mid range were great, but the bass tones were muddy which made hearing what the bass was playing very difficult.

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