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Tuesday Media Roundup #23

Some Girls – An older meet the crazy family kind of movie with. The characters don’t always seem to make sense but it doesn’t matter because something funny will come along to distract from that.

Man of the Century – A black and white semi-period piece. For awhile it seemed like it was going wear out the novelty but it managed to stay good to the end. I would like to have seen the silent movie title cards from the beginning breaking up the scenes.

The World’s Fastest Indian – It’s always nice to see what inspirational obsession can get you and this movie shows it well. I’m not sure why this one went away so quickly, it’s really good.

Blade: Trinity – I think I have to put this one above the second one. The directing isn’t as good, but you also don’t have a silly 15-minute CGI vampire professional wrestling match like at the end of the second one. Also Jessica Biel plays well opposite Wesley Snipes, Ryan Reynolds shows me what Dane Cook whishes his movie career was, and Parker Posey as a vampire!

Rocky II – I’d seen every Rocky movie but this one. I liked it! I liked that it started right where the first one left off. I liked the money (what little there was) going to his head and buying everything. I liked the unfurnished house. I liked the story.

 Never Too Young To Die – This is one of those movies that knows it is bad. It’s mostly really bad, but the last 15 minutes are something I think people should see. Gene Simmons as the she-male/transvestite, John Stamos, Vanity, Robert Englund.

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