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Lately when walking the dogs I’ve been doing off and on running. The dogs think it’s great since walking is never fast enough. There’s a 0.4 mile straight stretch that I’ve been able to run the whole way and this morning I decided to time it to confirm that the dogs were going at around a 7-minute mile pace. It turns out the 0.4 miles are done in 115 seconds which is just under a 5-minute mile pace. No wonder I’m pretty tired by the end of that. My legs feel good, it’s getting the air in me that seems to be the trouble by the end, though today was better that other recent days.

For the anti-fitness, I finally found my cinnamon roll recipe and have put it on-line so I won’t lose it again.  So now those of you who like them won’t have to wait for me to get around to making more.

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