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Tuesday Media Roundup #25

National Treasure: Book of Secrets – Like the first National Treasure movie, this one was a lot of fun though less realistic. Also you have to have seen the first one to appreciate the characters.

RoboCop – I re-watched this in HD recently. It’s nice to not have every movie with machines be man vs machine. A lot of the technology and fashion looks very dated, I guess those go together. It’s funny for such a gritty future to have all the uniforms always perfectly spotless, the story is worth it though!

Drive Thru – Slasher flick about a drive-thru clown offing people. It borrows heavily in styling, story, and even dialog from other movies to make a moderately entertaining movie. I found the microwave death scene pretty creative and out of character for this movie. I think they just wanted it in there as a personal favorite.

Jurassic Park & The Lost World: Jurassic Park – The effects on these still hold up, which is more surprising in the case of Jurassic Park. Continuity errors don’t detract from the fun dialog and dinosaur attacks. I’ll have to revisit these when I get a powered sub-woofer.

A Daily Show and Colbert Report – I’m glad these are back on the air. They make use of a lot of archived footage and are rambling more to fill time but it still works.

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