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Some campaign thoughts

On the Democrat side, Clinton , as the front runner, controlled the discourse. ‘Most electable’ and ‘not George Bush’ seemed to be the biggest messages, at least the ones that I received. I think the Clinton campaign must have been coasting after being ahead for so long (one of the dangers of everyone starting so early I suppose) because Obama’s campaign was able to turn the discourse to one they controlled and make it about change. Unless Clinton’s campaign can take back control it’s going to be a long and tough struggle for the nomination and to some extent there is success there with redirecting the change message by saying that it requires experience to make change. The most interesting part of the change to ‘Change’ is that it sucked in the Republicans too, as seen in the New Hampshire debates and since then, which I think gives a glimpse of how Obama would do in the general election.

Why is Hillary Clinton so often referred to as Hillary rather than Clinton or Hillary Clinton? It seems disrespectful to me and it’s not just in the media, but in everyday life. Was it started by Fox News as a disrespectful address? I doubt that she would be referred to as President Hillary or just plain Hillary if she is elected (except maybe by Fox News). Is it done by her campaign to appear more approachable? I think that’s only part of it or maybe an attempt to take back her first name; I think The Hillary I Know  is an attempt at that. Anyone?

After seeing Huckabee’s most recent appearance on the Colbert Report, where he again asked Colbert to be his running mate, and seeing his Chuck Norris video, I think Huckabee probably has the best sense of humor out of all the candidates. On the Colbert Report there were some jokes about Huckabee not believing in evolution and since people who do’t believe in evolution tend to be very serious on the subject and not prone to jokes I decided to read more about it. It’s true that he doesn’t believe in evolution but he doesn’t have a problem with it being taught in public schools and doesn’t expect creationism to be taught there since that’s the job of the parents, also that students should determine for themselves what they believe. I’m disappointed that any potential leader wouldn’t be going along with accepted science, but I am relieved that he’s not for forcing his views on everyone else. I’m still thinking that Huckabee will end up as a Vice Presidential running mate for McCain.

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    Daniel Jalkut Says:

    I would agree that referring to her as Hillary would be disrepectful, if she didn’t actively encourage it. She is the only candidate who chooses to campaign by first name. Witness the banner logo at the top of her campaign site:

    I think she seizes on it as a way of differentiating herself from Bill, and as an attempt to warm up her cold image.

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