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Tuesday Media Roundup #24

Movies: Protocols of Zion – A documentary about “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” and a look at who believes it to be true. Well mostly about who believes it to be true. If you know about the protocols then it’s mostly seeing how far and wide they have been taken up by […]


Top Chef finale

That was a great finale and I made something that won me a steeping teacup! (spoilers at the end) I made a  dessert appetizer composed of graham cracker, semi-sweet chocolate, and boysenberry butter. It ended up being a lot less sweet than I thought it would be which was a good thing since I was worried about it […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #22

Superbad – It started off fairly slow but after the first 15 minutes I thought it was pretty funny and it just got funnier as it went on. I also liked the unusual response to alcohol consumption. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre – This movie is all over the place. At times it’s fantastic, […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #20

The final Price is Right with Bob Barker – I hadn’t watched the show in years and I mostly watched it as a kid. It was fun seeing this. The excitement of everyone on the show was awesome and a number of cars were won. The value of the final showcase was about $90,000! Pirates […]


Top Chef (season 2 spoilers)

Having finally seen the season finale of Top Chef, I’m disappointed. I really wanted Marcel to win since I think he pushes himself and creates the more interesting dishes. Unfortunately he’s not as good at kitchen management which is part of being a chef and that was his downfall. Of course it doesn’t help when […]

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