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Next weight milestone

I’ve crossed below 195 as of this morning and measuring my body fat as I do at 5lb intervals, it’s at 19%. That’s pretty surprising since my last 5lb milestone was back on November tenth and I was at 23 or 24%. I attribute the body composition change to walking the dogs more for my […]


One nostril back, two nostrils forward

I had my annual checkup with the allergist to discuss how my shots are going. I told him I didn’t think I was doing as well allergy wise as I was about a year ago when I was still on weekly shots. Around that time I was about to switch to once every two weeks, […]


Not too bad for being out of shape

Stephanie was in town touring for people she hasn’t seen in years and for Santa Cruz she decided a hike in Big Basin was the thing. Making the trek were Stephanie, Tammy, Brick, Brick’s friend Mike, Nicole, and myself. Mike led the way for about the first third and I’m not sure we ever were […]


NorCal Strongman 2006

Yesterday Nicole and I went to the NorCal Strongman competition. This year it was held at the main beach in Santa Cruz. We arrived at around noon with the contest starting around 10AM so we missed the tire flipping and the log lifting but we still got to see the sand-bag carry, the dead lift, […]


The physical state of me

As of this morning I weigh 220.8 pounds. According to a website that uses the Navy’s method of calculating body fat I’m at 27%. Time to turn that around. I’ve read that the Navy’s method is at least and generally more accurate than other body fat measurement techniques that can be easily done.


My brain is old!

(I’m posting more today because I have nothing to do except wait for QA to find bugs for me to fix.) Last night I bought Brain Age for the Nintendo DS. It was made based on the research of Japanese neuroscientist. He found certain types of exercises stimulated blood flow to various areas of the […]


Airflow and me

The allergist prescribed to be an air-flow meter (you really need a prescription to get one) so figure out how bad my exercise induced asthma gets. I haven’t started tracking anything like that yet, but it my few times using it I’ve learned that when everything feels free and clear I can exhale at a […]


Fitness update

One month since I last reported and my body fat % is down 1% to 25%, my weight is down from 214 to 209.4 which works out to 5.7 pounds of fat lost and 1.3 pounds of muscle gained. That’s pretty good considering I’m only getting 1-2 days of exercise per week in and not […]


My first shot at the hand-bike

What else do you call the thing you sit at and pedal with your hands? Anyway, I figured I’d try to last an hour but end up finishing my hour on the regular exercise bike. I set it to level one random (I always like random) and after about ten minutes I realized two things. […]


Time to get back in shape

I weigh 214lbs, and 26% of me is body fat. Next summer I would like to do a half-ironman level triathlon. It’s a long way to go but I think I can do it.

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