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What you’re never told about landscaping

When you bring in some fill-dirt to modify the shape of your yard, one thing you’re never told is that there are dormant plants and seeds just waiting to pop out. Since our yard has been done I have seen a number of plants (and weeds) in our yard that weren’t already there and weren’t […]


Weekend update: more lemons, less grass

This weekend we planted a new ponderosa lemon tree to replace the old dead one. Hopefully this one makes it. It already has unripe lemons on it. Also all the dead weedy grass where the lemon tree is was removed, yay! Then to top it all off we went to Ikea and got curtains. Tonight […]


Weeding->raw hands

Today I got about 6 solid hours of weeding in and my hands are feeling it. I know I should wear gloves, but the gloves make it harder to get a hold of things to pull out. Maybe if there were microfiber gardening gloves. Is there such a thing? I think I’ll have to look […]


How can it be Friday?

I don’t feel like I’ve done enough, just some errands and sit in meetings all day. Since I’ve started a more sensible eating plan I’ve been losing some weight I should lose. This morning I was finally below 210. My plan? I eat when I’m hungry, not when I’m just ‘not full’. I don’t eat […]


A few more pictures

There are some pictures of the window in the area by the kitchen that used to be the dining area. We put 3Form plastic with reeds in it so some light can go between the laundry room and that area while not having to actually look from one room to another. I forgot the pictures […]


More house pictures

Pictures of the cabinet and drawer pulls in the bathroom. Pictures of the drawer and cabinet pulls in the kitchen. Picutes of the living room, library, whatever area.


The weekend…

Saturday we tried to go to Sacramento to Nicole’s brother’s BBQ, but after 2 hours and only getting 80 miles and hearing that traffic was the same the rest of the way we gave up. On the way back home we decided to get lobsters to compensate at 99 Ranch Market so we got two […]


What’s up with the house?

I haven’t posted and house updates in awhile because I haven’t really known what to post. Mostly we’re waiting for some last few things. In the bathroom I painted the trim behind the “floating cabinets” and the bathroom pocket door. Now we just await the glass that will allow us to shower without spraying the […]


What I learned about dryer vents

If the dryer’s heat is working but things aren’t getting dry it’s because exhaust air isn’t working. I knew that already. That’s bad because it can start fires, but that didn’t happen here and I knew that too. The likely culprit was the flex hose (knew that) but amazingly there was very little in there. […]


This weekend I pulled another two green-barrel loads of weeds, bringing the total for the month up to four. The remaining weeds are very tiny or grasses and clovers where it’s hard to get their roots, they are also in open areas where no plants will be going. I’ve sprayed the back yard for those […]

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